About Us

Wow Play TV is a record label and Film production company from Bangladesh. Wow Play TV produces dramas, television films, movies, and music video, short films, showbiz news, telefilm, fiction, advertisement, and documentary. The owner of the company is Eshan Haider.

Wow Play TV was established in 2019 by Eshan Haider by releasing a music video based on cricket world cup. After that they released Bengali Drama Khato Jamai which got huge popularity in Bangladesh drama industry. In 2021 during Eid al-Adha they released drama Crisis (2021 drama) which was praised by audiences and got huge popularity on various Social Media.

Eshan Haider

Eshan Haider (Born 06-02-1989) is a Bangladeshi Film Director, Musical Producer, Musician, Actor, Writer, Digital Creator, Social Media & Influencer Marketing Digital Specialist.